Friday, August 16, 2013

Cape Bound

As I mentioned before, our families have gotten the short end of the stick once again during this trip. With only a few days with each set of grandparents, we set off on our first Saturday night that we were home to the Cape to visit with Josh's parents for 2 days and then did it again the following weekend.  It feels unfair that they only got 4 days with the kids out of 3 weeks.  It's not nearly enough and I'm thankful that like my parents, they are good about staying in touch with the kids all year.

So anyways, in order to give the kids some quality time with Josh's parents, I made plans at the same time with Michelle.  She was willing to come to the Cape so that I wouldn't need to go far as I was already doing some crazy travel over the coming weeks.  The kids went to Water Wizz with my in-laws on Sunday and had a great time.  Aidan LOVES water slides and bonus, he knows that part of the movie Grown Ups was filmed there so it was especially exciting for him.  And after the water slides they went to the movies - a jam packed day for sure!

While they were gone, I did some shopping (something I was acting rather manic about this trip - and need to really work on in the future) while I waited for Michelle.  The quiet time on my own was much appreciated and the evening was low key too as we just hung around the house and enjoyed a pizza dinner with everyone.

Papa, Aidan and Liam

Granny with both Aidan and Liam (I promised I wouldn't put these on Facebook, but no one said anything about the blog :0)....

On Monday, Michelle and I decided to do a day trip to the Vineyard while the kids stayed with Paul and Roisin.  I haven't been to the Vineyard since before we left for Barcelona so it was a special treat. We just spent the day hanging out in Oak Bluffs - a few hours at the beach, lunch and a little shopping. Some great girl time and so relaxing!

Lighthouse on the Vineyard

Oak Bluffs

View from the beach

I don't think I've ever seen the Atlantic this blue!

Gingerbread house

Another gingerbread house

My favorite lighthouse - Nobska...

The second weekend that the kids went to the Cape, I arranged to meet up with them so that I could have some time alone with my parents for the first time during the trip.  I have great in-laws and they were so accommodating to help me make that happen and give me some much needed downtime and quality time with my parents.

While on the Cape the second weekend, Aidan wasn't feeling so great upon arrival (having thrown up at breakfast).  So the first day they chilled out a bit and laid somewhat low.  But then they got to go to the arcade and do some bowling.  Something they haven't done in a long time (we've only found the big bowling balls in BCN which are definitely too big for Liam).  They also got to have dinner with Josh's Aunt Ellen whom the kids don't get to see often either.

The kids had a great time visiting with their grandparents and like me, wish they'd had more time.  I promise next year to be better about our schedules.  But at least the time they had was really good, fun, quality time.  We look forward to seeing you next year!


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