Monday, August 12, 2013

Cousins Reunion

My cousin Meghan and I are very close.  We chat regularly and she's been out to visit me in Barcelona with a second trip scheduled for this fall.  Of all my cousins, she is the one I talk with the most.  And like with my other family, don't get to see nearly enough of her while I'm home.

And being the sweet friend that she is, she offered to host a bbq at my aunt and uncle's house while we were home so that we would get to see a lot of our family at once, something that is hard for us to do with the crazy (self-inflicted) schedule that we follow while we are here.  I don't get to see my extended family often and so I jumped at the chance to see everyone while we were home.

The kids are fascinated with the idea of having cousins.  They don't have any first cousins but it doesn't matter for them.  Cousins are cousins and I have to agree.  They asked me for all the details of who would be there but I actually couldn't tell them as I didn't even know - I had an idea but no definites.

In the end, it was a fantastic day.  It started off slow and easy.  Just hanging out and then more people came and then more.  Some of my family I haven't seen in years (another story for another day).  Some I hadn't even met!!  It felt, not awkward, but not smooth, initially but by the time we were ready to leave to head to the cape, neither the kids nor I wanted to go - we were having such a great time.  We'd broken the ice and everyone was just hanging out and having fun.  Playing on the swingset, driving the jeep, playing wiffle ball (I think Aidan is going to be a baseball player when we return to the US - what an arm!) and then an impromptu kickball/football/dodgeball game that had us all laughing hysterically.

Shawn and Daniela taking a spin... 

Liam's BFF, Duke

Uncle Richard teaching Liam how to swing a bat

Papa and Aidan playing ball

Aidan and Liam playing ball

He's ready!

All the kids on the swingset!

Liam and Papa

Loving the water slide!

Liam proceeded to drive this jeep right into my aunt's planter.  I'm hesitant to let him ever get a real drivers' license... all the third cousins (except Patrick and baby Owen who weren't there).

Sarah taking Aidan down... an absolutely hysterical moment

Our kickball/dodgeball/football game

Shawn and Liam

Wheelbarrow races!

Family reunion :)  Thanks to everyone who made the day so much fun!!

I felt like the day took on a life of it's own and for me it was wonderful getting to know people that I hadn't seen in years or just getting to know the ones I do see, just a little bit better.  I didn't feel as much like a guest as I did family and that was a huge thing for me.  And the kids fit right in, just where they belong!  Thanks Meghan, Richard and Janice for having us - we had such a great time!!!  Can't wait to see all of you this fall in Barcelona!!


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