Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quality Time with My Family

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I wasn't been great about scheduling time with mine or Josh's family while we were home.  We were really lucky to have Josh's parents visit us for a month around Christmas time, giving them some quality time with the kids.  And my parents are bound for Barcelona for 10 days in October.

However, despite these visits, it's never enough in my mind.  I want the kids to have a great relationship with their grandparents despite only seeing them a matter of days per year.  And with my inability to schedule well, they have not gotten time that they deserve.

While my parents have not had a lot of full days with us, they've had the kids most evenings from around 6 til bedtime / 8:30.  It's not a lot of time, but it's been good quality time with the kids relaxing after a long day and just hanging out with my parents.

But we did have a few full days with them and on one of those days, the kids got to go go-karting.  Funny enough, they ran into Aidan's friend Max and his family while they were there.  Small world!

Aidan on the go kart

Papa took them on the bumper cars

Liam on the go-kart... I can only imagine!

Bumper cars again

And thanks to my in-laws, I also got some time alone with my parents.  They had the kids and I got to just chill out with my mom and dad for two days which was so nice.  Not that having the kids there isn't great and it certainly isn't as hard as it has been in previous years now that they are getting older, but it was just mellow, relaxing and great to catch up on conversation and life - in person instead of on the phone.  

While I always miss our friends, it's our family that pains me to be separated from.  And I need to remember that each year when I do my schedule.  I promise, yet again I know, that I will be better next year.  But the kids and I loved each and every moment we spent with you even though there weren't as many moments as their should have been.  

The boys with my mom and dad as we were leaving for the airport...


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