Monday, August 19, 2013

The Catalan Reunification Ceremony

The what?  It was just a joke between myself and my Barcelona friends that have moved back to the Boston area.  We did a little reunion one night in Boston and it was so strange to see them on this side of the pond.  But yet, it was totally natural and fun.

We did dinner at Melting Pot in Boston and yup... I can't get enough of that cheese and chocolate.  Could sit there all night.  And the conversation could have gone on for hours and hours if we didn't all have to make our way back home.  It was so great to see my chicas and catch up for a little bit, but as always it's never enough time.

It will be interesting to see how we all interact when we are all back stateside.  These women were my biggest support system in Barcelona for a long time and essentially still are even though they are 4000 miles away.  What will it be like when we are all in the same state but yet not within a few miles of each other, when we have to plan to get together rather than just do it spontaneously?  When the challenges of life have changed to learning to function in a society that is so foreign to us, to being in our comfort zone?

Regardless of distance though, these are my friends for life.  Thru shared experiences, crazy adventures and just absolute adoration for each other, they've made this overseas adventure a chance I'm so glad that we took.


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