Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Minute Chaos!

The last few days have been chaotic to say the least.  Planning last playdates and coordinating moving details.  And on top of everything else, our boiler exploded on Sunday.  This is the last thing we needed.  So while we now have water, we've had no hot water.  Good times.  

I've been working with my landlord to fix the boiler but as it broke on Sunday and Mon and Tuesday were holidays, there was no getting anyone out here until today, Wednesday.  Yes, that has meant a cold shower for me (only one so far... yeah you really don't want to be around me at the moment because it's been a bit) and none for the kids as I couldn't bring myself to torture them with the icy coldness.  

My landlord has been good about trying to get someone out here.  But this morning I had plans to meet a friend and her son, who is also Liam's friend.  We were meeting at 11 in another part of the city.  At 5 minutes until 11 I got a call from the repair people.  There was someone waiting at my house NOW waiting to fix the boiler.  I told them they gave me no notice and could they come back or wait 30-45 minutes for me to get there?  No, I needed to be back within 15 minutes.  That's right, they gave me no notice and weren't going to wait AND if I didn't get back they couldn't come until Tuesday.  Given we are in this apartment til Friday (with a hotel Friday night), that was not an option - I need to shower!!!!  

So as I waited for my friend to arrive to do an unfortunate drop and run with Liam and raced back here to meet the guy to fix the water heater.  He gave me the stink eye when I arrived.  Um, hello, perhaps if you had called in advance I would have been here when you arrived!!  

Anyways, he fixed the heater - I personally think he did the cheap job which is what the landlord wanted.  I heard him say something about dos mil (2000) and then something about 150.  And given I had to front the 150, I'm going with quick fix.  But to be honest, I don't care so long as I have hot water for at least one more shower before I go.  We had someone I've become friendly with look at the house on Tuesday and I've already given her the heads up on the water heater and beyond that, I can't be held responsible for what the landlord chooses to do.

I raced back to our playdate and made it in time to go to lunch.  The kids were tired, hungry and a bit punchy but we had a great pizza lunch.  I'm going to miss these guys, who also happen to be leaving. It's funny how you connect with certain people right when you are leaving.  Figures.  Liam gets to see Miles again Thursday when he goes to visit with another friend (and gets out of the house while the movers are here).  So it wasn't a total goodbye moment.

Liam and I had about 45 minutes at home before we had to head up to Sarria to get Aidan and his friend Max at Raul's house.  Not having a car sucks.  How I managed for 3 years is beyond me.  Raul doesn't live very close to public transit so yet another taxi.  And I had to bring Max home to Pedrables which is no where near us and no where near Raul.  And so another taxi for that and yet another to get us home (because even though Max lives near a metro it would have been another 45 minutes to get back home).  Bone tired, we made it home by around 6.  

The kids were totally up my butt despite the fact that I spent the ENTIRE day shuffling them around when I had 5 million things here that needed to be done.  They obviously don't care about that.  I will admit to going slightly ballistic on them for being so selfish when they could offer to help out a little here or there.  It wasn't pretty and I felt immediate regret for my words.  We made up but it was well after 9 before I got started on my work day.

But wait,  why haven't I started my work day yet??  Because I spent the whole day taking the kids to and from playdates.  I HAVE to get work done before we leave here.  I will be working in the States but given my crazy schedule, it will be on a reduced capacity and we have the 2 week cruise right before.  I had planned an all nighter, crazy I know, to get the stuff done. Thankfully by midnight I had a good chunk of things off my plate and felt pretty good about what I had accomplished.  

Anyways, that's a bit of our last minute chaos.  The movers come on Thursday and I can't wait to at least get this process started (they will finish on Fri).  Then it's off to a hotel starting on Friday.  We're not done here yet, still lots left to do.  Will write updates on the move!!!


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