Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moving Day #2

This post is delayed for several reasons - the first and most important being that the day we left for the hotel after our move was the day my hard drive decided to die.  As I type this 2 weeks later, I'm still in recovery mode because I couldn't do the recovery on our cruise.  Anyways, better late than never, I'll have a bunch of entries from our move to our cruise and our time in the States coming up!!

For some reason day 2 of the move was harder than day 1. Boredom perhaps?  No furniture to sit on other than the very uncomfortable dining chairs maybe?  The silver lining at least is that I was ridiculously productive during these two days and caught up on more work than I had in 10 years. For the first time in a long time, I'm caught up on all my projects. For now (and I never should have written that part because that's probably why my hard drive died).

Anyways, the move. I didn't realize how much stuff we had. When we moved to this apartment two years ago, the movers spent one day doing prepacking. Maybe it was because it was a cross city move rather than an international move, but not only were these movers more meticulous, but they catalogued everything. And I'm sure that explains why it took so long.

We also managed to double what we originally brought with us. We arrived with 110 boxes but are leaving with 230. Yikes!!  Now some I can explain.  Furniture that we purchased here, as we brought only one piece with us, electronics as we brought none... But does that really cover 100 extra boxes?  Apparently I have some purging to do when I get to Amsterdam.

The kids were painfully bored. Aidan went to a friend's for a few hours which was a relief. I don't think he could take one more day of sitting on the rug with his iPad. No toys, no tv, not even a pen and paper. Finally Josh decided around 4 to take them to the hotel to check in. But first he and I had to take care of tossing a few things - throw rugs and some old chairs that were on our roof. Plus returning our cable box.

It was just before 6 before they were on their way. And the movers were wrapping things up with moving truck #2. Yes 2. In my defense, they couldn't fit a normal sized moving truck on our street and my guess is they will transfer all the contents of the trucks to one large container for storage and then shipping in August.

So incredibly bored... ipads can only go so far over 2 days...

Using their imaginations and limited "toys"

Moving truck #2 is off - next stop - Amsterdam!

So part 1 is now done. The move.  We spent the night in a hotel in Poblenou, a cute family neighborhood where we really haven't spent much time as a family (but Josh worked there every day). I went out with some amazing friends for drinks to say goodbye (for now) and it was so strange getting into a taxi and not only asking to take me to a hotel, making me feel very touristy, but to not be going "home" to my apartment. It all still feels a bit surreal that we are truly done here.

Today, Saturday, we are having the apartment cleaned. Remember, here you turn in your apartment exactly as you received it, if not in better condition - there is no allowance for wear and tear.  The kids will both have play dates while I hang out at the apartment. Tonight Liam will sleep at his friend's house and Aidan enjoyed not one but two play dates today including an impromptu sleepover with Max. He was going to go to dinner with josh and I at Recasens, one of our favorite places in Poblenou, but now instead we lucked out with an unexpected date night (still to Recasens)!

Another play date for Liam tomorrow and then on Monday we do our final walk-thru with our landlord, hand over the keys and then head to the bank to release our aval money (this is the security deposit the landlord takes). The kids and I will head to Sitges to visit with friends while Josh has a dr appt and ties up any loose ends. Tuesday morning (way too early) it will be time to head out to Barcelona airport one last time as residents - the next time we come back it will be as visitors!


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