Monday, August 18, 2014

Josh Moves In!!

The day has finally come.  I don't think any of us thought that it would ever actually happen.  But it has.  We are in our new house.  Ok, we are sort of in our new house.  More than partially but not 100% if that makes any sense.

Our movers came on August 5th to take the US portion of our shipment.  We don't expect it to be delivered until sometime mid September (hopefully not later than that).  As we sold many things before we left Barcelona, we will have a partially furnished house for a few weeks.  In the scheme of things and the chaos of the last 9 months, really small potatoes here.

But with all the back and forth with the realtors and waiting with baited breath on whether or not we would get this house, as of Thursday Josh has now got the keys and is in our house.  The first night he stayed in a hotel because the movers wouldn't actually get there until Friday (and he got the keys, cable and internet on Thursday) but now that the movers have come, we are officially in our new place.

However, this is us and it's not without debacle that we are in the house (more to come on that) as apparently we shipped so many boxes, Josh said that they wouldn't all fit in the house and so he had to have the movers put some in the shed.  While only 200 square feet smaller than our last place, when you have it all packed into large boxes, it is amazing how much space things can take up.

So Josh has been plugging away at getting things set up for when we arrive.  He's been told to focus on only the kitchen and finding the bedding, but I suspect he's been up to more.  It could spell disaster but you never know.  But we are getting closer to "normal" again...

We arrive in just 2 days!


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