Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lanzarote, Canary Islands - Teguise Sunday Market

Europe is still the home of the open market.  Many small towns and villages throughout Europe still have weekend markets where vendors ply their goods to willing buyers - both locals and tourists.  I love these markets.  My favorite so far was in Arles (Provence), France where there was so much fresh food and spices that it made my mouth water! 

Well, when the guidebook said that the biggest market on Lanzarote was in Teguise on Sundays I was all for us going.  So guidebook in hand and using the map to get us there, off we went to Teguise, which was the former capital of Lanzarote.

We had passed thru Teguise the day before on our way back from Mirador del Rio and it was a cute village - more upscale than many we had passed.  There was ample parking and for 1.50 euro, you can't beat the price!  Find that in Boston or even in Barcelona!  The market itself, however, was a bit of a disappointment.  There was very little food to be found and most of the items were cheap tschotckies... touristy tee shirts, candles, scarves and toys filled most of the booths.  However, we did find a few gems - the boys found cool frogs that you rub their backs with a stick and they make a ribbit sound.  They also found (cheap) finger puppets which Liam especially enjoyed (because you can never have enough finger puppets).  Josh found some aloe which is apparently a big export of Lanzarote (who knew?) and I found some great handmade soap.  So all was not lost.

To top off the afternoon we had lunch in the oldest restaurant on the island - Acetife.  The food was decent although they forgot to bring my soup that had requested before my salad.  The kids both had enjoyable meals as did Josh with his rabbit (ugh!), a specialty on the island where there is so little game to be caught.

All in all, worth the trip just for the scenery along the way and an opportunity to get out of the hotel for the afternoon!


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