Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's been a week so time for another birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños Aidan!!

Yes, Aidan and Liam are only 8 days apart.  I'm not sure who's brilliant idea that was but I suspect it was mine.  And for the most part, their birthdays being close has worked out nicely in terms of birthday parties, etc, but it means it is a cake and cupcake making crazy week for me!  Now that Aidan's birthday is done I will be happy to have no more cake (or cake batter for that matter) for quite some time.  My waistline will thank me!

Anyways, I digress... yesterday was Aidan's 7th birthday!  How in the world did he become 7?  It was bad enough that my baby Liam turned 4 last week and is growing up so fast, but now Aidan is 7!  I don't really feel old enough to have a 7 year old but I guess I am.  He has grown both physically and emotionally this year.  He's gotten very tall and is still very lanky and athletic.  He has a passion for sports (he started jiu jitsu this week along with his regular tennis) and for drawing.  I'm constantly amazed at the things he draws these days and how creative he is.

His birthday was relatively low key like Liam's.  And like Liam, his big present was his brand new basketball hoop (or basketball hula hoop as Liam says) - this one for much bigger kids.  And he LOVES it!  He's been out every night (we gave it to him this weekend) shooting hoops and it's a nice thing that both Josh and I can do with him too. 

Josh assembling the hoop... he needed my assistance to which I replied that I put together bunk beds on my own without his help.  I helped nonetheless :)

Aidan's first game of one on one... it didn't end well but we'll try again

Having just thrown the ball but I didn't time the shot too well on my end

Yesterday morning Aidan got to open one gift before school, such a bummer that his birthday was on a school day!  But he was very excited to get a few new guys from the movie Rio (hmmmm Liam got some of those guys too... wonder how that happened?).

Aidan opening his present in the morning.  As you can see, Liam has a very short memory and seems to have forgotten that his birthday was last week and thereby these presents are not for him.

I brought cupcakes to school as well and I really loved how his teacher singled him out on his special day.  He got to sit in a special chair and all the kids sang happy birthday to him.  The teacher also had a posterboard with pictures of Aidan and the kids got to ask him questions about the pictures.  It was all very very sweet.  And the cupcakes were a big hit too!!

The kids singing to Aidan

The poster Aidan's teachers made for him

Aidan in his special chair at the head of the class

Giving out cupcakes

After school poor Aidan had to wait for Josh to get home before opening his presents.  I'm sure as a kid that felt like a million years!  He wasn't super thrilled with some of his gifts but what do you buy the kid that has every toy known to man??

A game...

Another game... hmmmm

Seriously is this going to be another game?  Actually, it was a magic set which he was excited about.

The coolest present - Nerf tag for Aidan and Liam

The gun is a little hard for Liam to work since it has a pull back
before you can shoot but he loved it too!

Blowing out his candles

Liam:  I want that big piece (as in 1/4 of the cake!)!

I think overall he had a really nice birthday or so I hope!!  Happy 7th Birthday my big kid :)


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