Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Beachy

When we planned this vacation it was with the knowledge that it will primarily be a beach vacation with lazy days spent by the water and perhaps a little exploring here and there.  And basically we spent each day on the beach (usually before 10AM) just relaxing. 

Unlike most of the beaches we’ve been to that have chairs and umbrellas, this one gives them to you for free so long as you make purchases at the restaurant / bar sometime over the course of the day.  And not once did they bug us.  So each day we would grab some lunch and ice cream during the day and we were set!   

The kids swam their hearts out and Aidan and Josh did some snorkeling.  Liam put his bubble on and swam out in the “deep” water on the first day.  And by deep it may have reached his neck but he is genuinely swimming even with the bubble so at least he’s going thru the motions correctly rather than his usual walk/doggie paddle.  But he was happy to be swimming out with Josh and Aidan.  Both kids were in great moods pretty much all week and we spent just about most of each day in and out of the water. 

The water was the clearest I think I have ever seen anywhere.  As in crystal clean and clear.  The harbor itself has that turquoise green beauty that I’ve mainly just seen in pictures.  We saw yachts and mega yachts pulling into and on the outskirts of the harbor and each time though, hmmmm maybe someday!  Yeah right, perhaps in my dreams!  The water was cooler than I expected given that the temps here are in the early 90s but it was refreshing and we found a nice spot under the trees for some shade for our chairs.
Getting their snorkel on!
Liam getting bolder as the week goes on!
Exploring out by the rocks
I'm standing in at least a foot of water - yes it is that crystal clear!
The boys loved playing in the rocks - they built castles from them and skipped them and broke them apart.  They also loved finding sea glass which this place was a haven for!

I think the hat looks better on Liam than on Daddy

My "office" partner - working by the beach :)

The taverna on the beach that we had lunch at every day
Another view of the taverna
Cannot get sick of this view
The beach chairs were set above the rock beach - this is the view from the one I sat in most of the week...not to shabby and a pretty olive tree in front of me
You can see our villa from the beach
Too much beach apparently!

Searching for sea glass - he's got the bag and everything!
Heading out with Daddy
View from the pathway by the beach
View from our balcony again... again I can't get sick of this!

Amazing amount of yachts come here daily
Not drowning each other - a good sign for the moment

Just hanging out on the beach
Asleep again
Daily lunch at the taverna
I tried to get a shot of the way the water changes color as you get further out but
don't think I did it justice...

Liam absolutely loves the water now - next summer he'll be swimming without the bubble I bet!
Skipping rocks
Playing ball
The best part is making it pop up from the water!
I see someone coming!!!
Just a Joshy out for a snorkel...he saw lots of beautiful fish along the rocks!  I will admit to still being a little gunshy about the whole snorkel thing so I'm a bit jealous of all he and Aidan saw...
View of town from the beach
Playing ball some more

Ok this is the last beauty shot, I promise!
All in all it was an incredibly relaxing time with the family! Most evenings we would spend the part of the evening in town getting dinner and walking around. The town was small and adorable yet and while it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, at the same time everything was modern and the food overall, excellent! 

Where we had dinner one night
Same restaurant, different view - ate outside every night and it was beautiful out!
Aidan LOVED vacationing here!
In the harbor looking for crabs (Aidan found an eel one night!)
More of town
Getting some fruit at the fruit stand
We had to be back before dark (around 9PM) as the path we need to walk up which is a nature trail, and is not lit at all and the house did not provide a flashlight (how stupid is that?) nor tell us we would need one. Our last night though, we ended up staying late at the restaurant we were eating at and had to use my iphone for light to guide us up the path!! Next time we will bring a flashlight for sure!

Greece is known for its cats and our villa was no exception - the boys were obsessed!!!
But the cats weren't so fond of the boys!
Liam was also obsessed with what he called his new shirt - I actually bought it for him last year but he never wore it til this vacation.  Every night he wanted to wear his new shirt (which was a lightweight long sleeve hoodie) to dinner...and he did...
Modeling for his mom!
Aidan and I went out one night before dinner and just hung around the path and beach exploring.  He's just such a cute kid :)

And so photogenic!!
Hanging on the rocks at the beach
The sunsets were amazing and after the sun would go down, the stars would come out like I had never seen before.  I'm not so great with the camera at night but just picture millions of stars twinkling overhead and not being blocked out by the light of a town or city.  Aidan learned a little bit about constellations while we were there as well - bonus for him!

I said no more beauty shots but no one said anything about sunset!


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