Friday, January 13, 2012


While I don't ache for home in the same wy I dd two years ago, there is always a part of me missing it every day, some days more intensely than others. I had an amazing week this week, probably one of my best in a while. Not that they've sucked lately, just that some weeks stand out more than others. And yet tonight, I miss home something awful.

It started off rough with me managing to injure both of my knees while running. Stupid, stupid. But I made a comeback and had a 4 and 5 mile run later in the week. Aidan had an awesome, beyond awesome, week at school which made my week. I had lunch with some of my best gals here and laughed til I cried. Liam started and loved jiu jitsu Date night tomorrow. The list goes on...

And so with such a great week behind me I can't help but wonder why I've been so nostalgic for home. I'm sure in part it comes from the decisions we will make in the next few months. Do we extend again or do we go home in a year and a half as planned? It's constantly on my mind. I have a few friends leaving this year which also makes me not so much pine for home, but makes me realize that life of an expat is one filled with constant transition. And tonight as Josh watched a movie, I flipped through old pics on my Facebook, specifically the ones from past girls weekends. one should never reminisce when you are already feeling homesick, you are just asking for the waterworks.

That ache of missing home returned once again. As I looked through those pics and thought about all the happy memories I have from home, it made me miss it and all of you even more. I think many days I live in denial and can in a sense "forget" all the good things from home. Maybe it's a defense mechanism so that I can move on and have a life here - I don't know. But whatever it is, I just want to shout out to all my gals as to how much I miss and love you.

You are my past, my present and my future. If it weren't for your love, support and quite often, laughter, I couldn't have done this. You've continued to include me in emails and conversations despite my physical absence. I know that you will be there when I get back, whenever that may be and it will be as though I never left - you are just those kind of friends.

And so I offer a few memories out there to my chicas.

Girls weekend - June 2009

Dinner at Frank's on Long Island... he even serenaded us and we had a guest appearance by a famous songwriter who's name for the moment escapes me.

Frank opening champagne for my birthday!

Yeah, we're super cool ;)

To keep this blog PC, I will not post the "other" picture of Lisa and I... it was ridiculously funny and for those of you who were there, you know what pic I'm talking about.

Long Island crew except LF who's taking the pic

Slumber party!

Girls weekend - October 2009

My chicas!!

Not 100% sure what Jeni was doing to Suzanne but it looked painful, alas we are all laughing our asses off!

The Crew

Michele to the HOT band leader of Fighting Fridays... "We're all married moms of 2"... Michele is banned from girls weekend henceforth...

Our Send Off Party - December 2009

Sue's "Lyme" bracelet from Germany

Michele, Sue and me

Lisa he is soooo fresh!!

And likewise, so is Rich

Random girl... it's not a party without someone random in the shots

Random guy #1!

Random guy #2!

Tracie looks like we may need to cut her off!

Random girl #2!

Random guy #3... perhaps we should also cut off Lisa...

Girls weekend - October 2010

Lisa and I with Barnacle Bill... Also known as Random Guy as I believe he was the only Random guy that night...

The dancing cage in the background at the chinese food restaurant!

This was right before I accidentally stole that shirt from JCrew... and yes, I returned it...

Team Scratch... we sucked...

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!  And I miss you mucho!!


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