Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Spanish Class... Again

March was a busy month for me and I'm in no way complaining...I feel like I've hardly had time to just sit back and relax much less get any work or studying done.  I went away in mid March for a few days with my girlfriends and upon my return the following morning my cousin Meghan arrived for a week.  Just a week later, we were off and running for Italy for Semana Santa having returned on Friday night. 

So since March was so busy, I decided that I would take most of the month off from my Spanish classes as well as the first week of April.  Now I've been taking class consistently since Feb 2011 with the exception of summer vacation and Christmas break.  I hadn't thought much of it and didn't realize how much I was getting from these classes...until I stopped.  At one point during this month I realized I hadn't learned a single new thing and it really really bothered me. 

To me this is significant.  I've always said that it was important to me to learn the language here - I live in Spain therefore I should speak Spanish.  Unlike "some" people I know (ahem, Josh), I know I can get by with what I currently know but I want to learn more.  But I guess the reason that the fact that it bothered me was signficant was because I hadn't been in a rush to learn before and now I feel this pressing need to learn as much as I can while the motivation is there.  I was just taking it day by day and I certainly didn't look forward to class on Tuesday and Thursday knowing that I was going to have to really focus my brain and absorb everything being thrown at me.  But for some reason these days, and maybe it's because I know have a better timeline in my head of how long we will be here, I have this need to learn. 

The school I go to is ok...nothing to write home about (and yet here I write home to you about it).  But one of the things that bothers me about this school is that the owner will just throw you back into a class that's currently doing the book you want to do.  So while I've missed a month of classes, essentially I'm supposed to jump right back in as if those 4 weeks didn't happen and that's a bit intimidating because I know they covered stuff that I just don't know.  The only good thing is that my teacher was also out all month and so hopefully the sub moved at a slower pace.  In the meantime, I'll do some review of my own in the hopes of catching up before I go back on Thursday. 


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