Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Dark Side of Moving... IKEA!!!!

On Friday, Josh and I (I should say Josh since I just sat there and did nothing) signed the papers for our new apartment.  We met with Carme again and I warmed to her a bit more.  She was really organized and thoughtful about the way she did things.  She paid great attention to detail and between her realtor and ours, we got things done pretty quickly overall.  I think we'll get along fine - we won't be warm and fuzzy but as long as we are cordial I think we'll be ok. 

I did notice the difference between the styles with our current landlords and also how Josh and I are as landlords - I know that Josh and I are not typical nor are our current landlords, but things like when stuff breaks.  When things break in our house in the US, and I know that will happen, Josh and I pay for it to be fixed (either ourselves or by having our renters deduct it from their rent).  Our current landlords have never asked us to be out any money in relation to this apartment, for anything.  I know that is unusual.  This new landlord made it clear that she will fix certain things but other things are up to us.  Same with inspections.  She paid for the gas inspection but in a year, it will be up to us to pay for it.  Our current landlords would never ask us to do that.  I guess it's to each their own but it's not my particular style.  If I have to be responsible for all these elements, I'd rather be an owner than a tenant.  Just my opinion.

Anyways, we are incredibly excited about the big move even though we know it means a lot of stress, financial outpouring and time/energy.  But we know it's all in the short term and in the long run we're going to be much happier with our new, bigger space. 

We didn't spend much time there after the contract was signed as Josh had to get back to work and I had some work that was time sensitive as well.  But I took the kids over after school.  They were resistant at first but I had some measuring to do before my big IKEA trip today so they had really no choice. 

Once we were there they were thrilled!!!  They absolutely love the new place.  Lots of nooks and crannies to play and hide in.  A bigger back "yard" (patio) than they have now.  For a child who was so resistent to move, Aidan is the biggest proponent of it now - he cannot wait for his new, awesome Super Mario room, bigger couch in the living room and just more space to move around in.  Liam loves all the hiding places in his room. 

I finally dragged them out knowing that we'd be back again today (Saturday).  And today I managed to spend 5 1/2 hours in IKEA.  I'm glad Josh didn't go with me because IKEA is where marriages go to die.  The good thing is that by going on a Saturday I wasn't pressured to get in and out to get home for the kids and took my time.  Though I texted with Josh pretty constantly with questions and pictures and it would have gone faster if he had been there with me - but I've done IKEA with him before and it's not pretty.  On the flip side though, is that by going by myself I didn't have the ability to get all that we needed.  In 5 1/2 hours I had one full shopping cart AND a trolley full of furniture on it.  But I needed at least one more trolley and probably another 1/2 or full cart of stuff.  So back I will go next week.  Not to self - make sure to eat something before embarking on my next IKEA torture ride. 

But at least I've made progress and I ordered our couch (which won't be delivered til June 12 but at least it's been ordered) and all the stuff I got today has already been delivered to the new apartment as of this afternoon.  I found a really cool hanging light for Aidan's room that I think was my best find of the day.  It's blue with white clouds and is in the shape of a mushroom, like a Super Mario mushroom - it's going to be perfect in his room!  Though now I need to find something special for Liam's Ninjago room and I have no idea what that something is.   I think IKEA is by far the most overwhelming store known to man - sure you can get anything you imagined and more for cheap, but you could also go crazy with all the choices! 

It's not a great picture, but my furniture is on the left and all my other goodies are on the right.  Imagine trying to push these all by my lonesome - it wasn't pretty!

After IKEA, I got home and Aidan and his friend, Django, asked if we could go to the new house to play.  So we went by and they loved the makeshift ramp that the entry to the garage on to the patio makes.  I think they could have ridden their scooters all day.  Funny coming from the kid who claimed there wasn't enough space back there!!

This week we have our electrician / painter coming on Monday morning to discuss the final details of what we want done and to give him a key.  Then he'll start Tuesday and hopefully be finished no later than Fri/Sat of this week.  We've got the move planned for Tuesday, June 5th.  The movers will come on Monday to do some prepacking in advance in order to ensure everything gets moved on Tuesday. 

We will still have to clean up our current place before having our final meeting with our landlords and turning over the keys, but that shouldn't take more than a day.  With Josh leaving for the States on June 16th, things are a little tight but managable.  We're hoping to at least be unpacked and getting settled before he leaves.  Pictures to follow as we move stuff in and make it ours!


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