Saturday, May 12, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Aidan!! Aidan Turns 8!

I want to say that Aidan had an amazing birthday but to be honest I don't think he did.  I thought about sugar coating it for the blog, but then I think that would be deceptive because the whole point of this blog is talk about life, real life, and as you know, real life isn't always pretty.

Though that doesn't mean Aidan didn't have a nice birthday because I hope he did.  You know... after the fight he had at school.  His first fist fight that apparently no teacher witnessed somehow.  I guess that's one way to ring in the new year, right?  Ah the joys of boys.  I've no doubt this will not be the last time we'll be using our fists to solve problems no matter how much I try to explain that this is not the best way to do it.  But I do think it put a damper on his mood at the end of the school day and he got off the bus in tears telling me how bad his birthday had been.  It was absolutely heartbreaking, especially at an age where birthdays are supposed to be exciting and fun and well... happy! 

Anyways, back to his birthday.  It blows my mind that Aidan is now 8!  Not sure how this is possible given that I'm only 25 but 8 it is!  Seven was actually a really good year for Aidan... Six, not so much.  So I was excited when he turned 7 last year hoping for some new beginnings and a new attitude and that's what we got.  He's blossomed in the last year, really starting to come in to his own.  Of course, that blossoming also often means a little rebellion and a little sass.  Ok, a lot of sass.  But not as much as when he was 6.  So it was tolerable. 

Aidan has matured as well, and asks intelligent questions and follows up your answer with more questions - he's quite the devils advocate sometimes!  But I love that we can go out and actually talk about "stuff" and that's on a completely different level than the conversations that I have with Liam.  He's an intelligent kid who is inquisitive about everything. 

He's also a kid that is not a fan of change (hmmmm like his mother perhaps) and while he's doing much better than in the past, he still struggles a bit when there is something new in the picture.  But he's learning to better to deal with his issues and is learning to problem solve better.  And creatively which I love. 

He's always been a creative/artsy kid and he still is.  I look at his drawings and am blown away.  His artistic ability far surpasses mine...actually Liam's artistic ability far surpasses mine as well (I apparently am the only one on my side of the family that missed the art gene).  He loves to draw and spends time almost every night drawing pictures in his journals (of which he has several). 

As we've spent more time in Barcelona, Aidan has learned to invest himself into his relationships as we have all had to learn to do.  It's taken him some time but he's a popular kid in his class and has a great group of friends.  Many of which are coming to his birthday party this weekend. 

Speaking of birthday, we started off the celebrations on Wednesday with him getting to open one gift before bed.  It was Super Mario Party for the DS, a big hit!!  He went to bed feeling pretty excited about Thursday!
Super Mario Party is in the house...

He woke up Thursday and the child has the patience of a saint.  He asked shortly before we had to leave the house if he could open another gift.  Of course we said yes.  This time it was Ninjago Legos...some of his favorites these days!  Aidan could spend hours building with his Legos in his room - again, maybe an architect in the making!!! 

Presents that were waiting when Aidan woke up on Thursday morning

Opening his Ninjago legos before he left for school

During the day Thursday I stopped by school with some cupcakes for his class.  Aidan and Liam are so different when it comes to being the center of attention.  Aidan shuns it as much as possible and you can tell by the pictures that he was rather embarrassed by everyone singing to him.  He's an incredibly humble child and I love that about him though I wish he'd let loose a little bit every now and again :) 
Mmmmmm marble cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Aidan with his friends

Handing out cupcakes to his classmates

Happy kid

His friends sang both Happy Birthday and Feliz Cumpleaños to him:

Because they did cupcakes in the middle of the day I opted for the boys to take the bus home instead of picking them up (I would have had to wait at school for a good 2 hours for them).  I feel badly that it was because they took the bus that Aidan had this fight with another boy - if only I'd waited for them then maybe he would have had a better end to his special day.  For the most part though, he put it behind him and when they got home we did a nice dinner of Aidan's choice (pasta, he's so my kid) and then when Josh got home he got to open his presents which seem to be a bit heavy on the Lego side.  Can you tell he likes to build a lot?  This kid is a lego fanatic!  Maybe an architect in the making???? 
Looks like something Spongebob!

And Spongebob Legos!

More Spongebob - it's neverending!

Liam giving a hand

Police Forest Legos

I'm super strong!!!

Hmmmm what's this??

Mommy and her boys!

Regardless, I'm so proud of my now 8-year old boy - no longer a little kid, we've started to enter tween-hood and all the "wonderful" things that go with it.  He's an amazing kid that has changed my life in so many ways.  Watching him grow and blossom into the boy he's become is something I reflect on all the time - how someone can have such an impact on a person's life is beyond me - I love this kid more than life itself and look forward to seeing what the future holds for him!


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