Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños! Liam Turns 5 in Barcelona!

Wow, it's amazing that yet another year has gone by in my children's lives.  This week it's Liam and next week it's Aidan.  And the fact that this is the third birthday they are celebrating in Spain just blows me away - Liam has actually celebrated more birthdays here than he has in the States!

Four was an interesting year for Liam.  He has truly blossomed into this great little kid.  He is chatty and while not as articulate as some, has an amazing vocabulary that never ceases to amaze you.  He is innovative, creative and has an imagination that so many will someday envy when he blows them away with all the stories he creates.  His smile and laughter are contagious and you can't help but melt when he smiles at you.  He's also manipulative and knows how to use it to make you melt and to see his way of things - he reminds me a bit of my brother that way - he would manipulate you and you would know it but he would do it in such a way that it was almost enjoyable.  That's Liam too.  He's also incredibly stubborn and we're seen a lot of that in his 4th year - like lay down on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs kind of stubborn.  We're hoping he outgrows this in year 5 :) 

In school he has "mastered" his alphabet and letter sounds and is starting to work on sight words.  He is popular with his teachers and his peers which would make any parent happy to hear.  He loves to go to school and then actually tells me the things he's learning (I know this will stop in the next year or two so I'm appreciating it now while he actually wants to talk to me about school).  He's also a lover of adventure and gets so excited about upcoming family vacations -  always wanting to know where we are going, how we will get there (if we take a plane that's a bonus as far as he is concerned) and what we will see.  He's been taking both jiu jitsu and tennis lessons as well this year so he's getting his sports on now too...

This year, Liam truly gets that it's his birthday.  He has been talking about it all week and when you ask him how old he's going to be, he holds up 5 fingers and tells me "cinco".  Not five, but cinco.  And yesterday he told us all about how it was the last day that he was going to be four because today, he will turn cinco.  The big moment of him getting it was at 2AM last night when he came into our room announcing that he couldn't stop singing happy birthday to himself.  Ah yes, he gets it.

Earlier in the weekend we were out and about and he and Aidan were riding their scooters.  Aidan is constantly asking me to bring his scooter everywhere and honestly it makes life easier when he doesn't have to walk all the time.  Now Liam has joined on the bandwagon.  But his scooter was a bit on the crappy/cheap side.  So Aidan and I went on a mission on Saturday to find Liam a new scooter, ideally a Razor Spark scooter like Aidan has.  But alas, there are no Razor Spark scooters here in Barcelona - only Santa can bring those from ;)  So we settled for a super cool, red Oxelo scooter that Liam absolutely loves and has aptly named, Scootie.  Innovative, I know.  So that was his early birthday present as well as his big gift!
Liam right after he got "scootie" 
Out riding Scootie with Aidan on Tuesday (a holiday here) morning
This morning he woke so excited that today was the BIG day - cinco años!  After taking a few minutes to have a little snuggle-wee-wee (as Liam calls it) with his mom, it was time to go downstairs to check out the pile of gifts that were left for him.  And the moment made me melt as he asked me "are these really all for me?"  We let him open a few of the gifts this morning and he was absolutely thrilled and yet so patient about the fact that he had to wait til after daddy comes home from work later before he can open the rest. 

Liam's birthday stash...
This is for me???
Star Wars!  A child after daddy's heart!
More Cars!!  Just what I needed (but wanted)!
A Finn McMissile bath toy...that rocks!
Aidan is intrigued too...
He went off to school this morning with a huge smile on his face and kept telling me that it's his birthday.  Yup, once again, he's getting this.  Tomorrow he's going to be disappointed when it's no longer his birthday.  Or next week when it's Aidan's turn and he has to sit on the sidelines. 

But the day isn't over yet.  Around 3:30 I brought cupcakes to his classroom which only added to the excitement of his big day.  His teacher told me he'd been talking about the cupcakes all day and was especially excited when I got there.  There were 5 kids out today which meant only 10 kids in his class.  They all gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to him - it was so cute!!

Liam with his birthday crown

All his friends standing around getting ready to sing.  To hear the Happy Birthday song:
Yum, cupcakes!!

Normally on Wednesday we have jiu jitsu, but when we walked by on our way home it was closed.  So we called it an omen and decided to have a chill evening until Josh got home from work.  The boys decided to take a tub to play with the new Finn McMissile toy and were pretty happy!

Finally Liam got to open the rest of his presents when Josh got home.  The kid has some pretty good patience as I don't think I could have held out that long!  Though he did take the time to pile them up on the coffee table so that he'd be ready to go ;).  And of course the moment Josh walked in the door, the phone started to ring with well wishers - so poor Liam had to wait even a little longer!  But in the end, he tore open all his presents and enjoyed his cupcake before heading to bed.  It's hard to believe my little guy is 5 but I'm looking forward to what the next year brings!

Josh walks in the door and less than 1.2 seconds later Liam is opening his gifts...what did I say about patience??

On the phone with Auntie Becky...and then Granny

Rollerblades!  Now we can get rid of those old plastic ones!

CARS legos and playdoh!!!

Thomas the Train stuff!

Blowing out his candle on his cupcake - so happy!!


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