Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jay and Katie Get Married!!!

As we all know, the real reason for my trip to the US was actually not for shopping but for my brother's wedding.  Jay and his fiancee, Katie have been together a long time.  Like, since I was pregnant with Aidan (who's now 8) kind of long time.  So this wedding was no surprise to any of us - we all knew it was coming, just a matter of when. 
But what was so nice about this weekend was watching Jay and Katie in action.  I see them both in very short spurts and that is no different than when I lived in the US.  I would see them 3 or 4 times a year, much less than I would have liked...but they are private people and for the most part keep to themselves.  I can't blame them for this but can express that I'd love to see and talk to them both more often.  Anyways, when I do see them, I normally have the kids with me and it's relative chaos.  And they are busy interacting with the kids and so I don't get to see them interact much with each other.  So it was great seeing them with each other - the looks of adoration, a quick kiss and the sharing of private jokes with each other. 
The wedding day started off a little chaotic with Jay's top shirt button not quite making the stretch to close - thankfully one of Katie's relatives saved the day for us and moved the button.  So it got us off on a little bit of a late start which getting lost only added to.  My dad never ever ever gets lost.  But on the wedding day, yup you guessed it, he got lost. 

My mom is probably going to kill me for posting this... but it was not actually raining at this point but she felt she had to protect her hair from the humidity and threat of rain for the 50 foot walk to the car...

But eventually we made it back on track and in the end we were only 5 minutes late.  And it wasn't even five minutes late for the ceremony but 5 minutes late for pictures that were being taken before the ceremony.  And Katie wasn't ready yet anyways, so all the stress was for nothing.  But what's a wedding day without some stress, right? 

My mom and I spent a bit of time reiminiscing about my wedding as Katie got ready.  It was a really nice moment for her and I.  And I commented that it was a bit strange not to be super involved in the wedding process and even Katie's getting ready process...something I'm sure is normal for the family of the groom since essentially this is the bride's big day.  And it made me a little sad to know that I'll always be on the groom's side with my boys - no little girls here... and so I'll never be the mother of the bride and have the bonding experince that I had with my mom over my wedding.  Hopefully my boys, when their days come, will do their best to keep me happy and entertained with plenty of planning for their big days!!

Katie getting ready

So Katie and Jay did pictures before the ceremony.  I'm not 100% sure how I feel on that as part of me thinks it's bad luck and the other part of me thinks it's easier to get that part done and overwith so you can actually enjoy the reception with everyone.  I think it's a personal preference.  I did like that they did what was called a First Look.  So before they did the pictures they got to see each other one on one with no photographer and no other witnesses which I think was lovely.  Of course all of us were peaking out from the rooms above the main hall in the temple watching them!!

Right after their First Look

They didn't do a ton of pictures and we almost had a glitch where my parents and Jay didn't get any pictures.  They were in a rush to sign the katuba and the wedding planner kind of pushed my family off saying there would be time for pictures later.  This is where I actually stepped in and insisted that my parents get their pictures with Jay - it's too important to hope someone will remember later and the whole point of us meeting early was to do pictures, wasn't it??

We all headed upstairs to sign the wedding certificate and the katuba which is the Jewish marriage contract.  This was actually my first Jewish wedding and I really enjoyed watching the traditions.  Then it was off to the service.  It was relatively short but sweet and I will admit, a bit weird hearing them say their vows in Hebrew given I've never heard Jay say a word of Hebrew in his life.  But seriously, good for him! 

Part of the signing of the Katuba

Giving the groom a hug and kiss before Katie walks down the aisle

Waiting for the bride

About to kiss the bride

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Jay Lundin!!!

After the ceremony we had brunch at a country club.  It was a nice club and a very very low key event which I think suits both Jay and Katie as they aren't much for ostentatious events - there was a harpist for music, a delicious meal and of course, cake.  There were a few toasts and my mom suggested that I do one instead of her and so with about 30 seconds notice I got up and gave a short speech on how happy I was to see the two of them finally tying the knot after all these years - and it's true, I'm incredibly happy for them and for the new adventures they will hopefully have as a newly married couple.  I wish them many many happy years ahead!

Aunt Joni, Jay and Mom


Awww, me and my dad :)

Walking into the reception

Very cool wedding gift from Katie to Jay - it shows all the big events in their lives.  And I was touched to see that included both the birth of Aidan and Liam - thanks Katie for including them!

Me and my mom



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