Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring Concert at BFIS

Every spring the elementary school puts on a cute spring concert.  This concert has improved in quality since the new music teacher, Ms. Rachel, started at the school a few years ago.  It's a cute time for the kids to show some of what they have learned.

One of my favorite things about this concert, and of all the concerts that the school puts on, is that there is nothing traditional about them.  The music teacher incorporates music from all over the world and the kids sing in different languages, something that I think is not only beautiful, but instrumental in them learning that the world is made up of people from all over the globe.

Liam's class did a cute performance that I believe was in French.  I say I believe because I didn't write down what he sang.  But it's adorable, it's in another language, and Liam actually participated (which is of no surprise).
Liam with his class
For the video:
Aidan's class, given they are 3 years older, not only did a song in another language, but they also added instruments and alternated verses which added to the complexity. I couldn't really see Aidan behind the podium and I know that is exactly how he likes it!!
Aidan's class getting ready for their performance
For the video:
The other grades put on spectacular performances as well, showing what a talented group of kids this school has!  The final act was the entire elementary school singing the school song...


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