Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick iPhone Update

For those waiting with baited breath on how the iphone saga turned out, here goes.  It didn't.  I went back to Vodafone twice to see if they had any new iphone 5's.  Each time he told me no.  Then I went car shopping (blog entry coming on that) and made a decision - I can get an iphone 5 or I can put that money towards a car payment.  I'm opting for the latter.

I also decided the guy at vodafone is a total asshole.  Not only was he a bit of a jerk the first three times I went to see him but when I went today to make the changes to my cell phone plan without getting a new phone, he was an ass.  The good news - I totally understood EVERYTHING he told me, in Spanish.  Go me!!  But the bad news is he didn't make the changes.

Long story short, I went in, he asked me if I was looking for the 5 and I said (in spanish), actually, two or three weeks ago, yes, now, I want a car instead.  And so I told him I only wanted to change my plan.  He tried to convince me to do my landline and internet thru them to which I replied that I'm happy with Movistar.  This isn't necessarily true but I'll be damned if I'm going to attempt to go with a new carrier again - it was hard enough getting our landline and internet in our new apartment.  Regardless, I told him no, just the new plan.

So then he looks me in the eye, looks at the computer, looks at me again and tells me his computer is no longer working and I'll have to call 123 (vodafone customer service in English).  Jerk.  F**king jerk.  For those not in the know, English customer service sucks.  Like royally.  Like I get that I don't speak fluent Spanish but I don't have a job here in Spain that I need to speak fluent Spanish.  The people who answer English customer service at Vodafone are not native English speakers, not even fluent speakers most of the time and it's annoying.  When I was in Munich I spent a good hour or two arguing with them about why my phone wasn't working in Germany.  So I wasn't thrilled to have to call them.

But I did and I "think" my phone will still be working tomorrow with my new, less expensive, cell phone plan.  70 euros a month towards my new car.  Cutting back where I can!  And seriously, I have like 4 friends here, for what reason do I have 1000 minutes per month in calls?  No need!!  However, it's still possible you could see a rant on here at some point about how my phone no longer works or does something it shouldn't.  It could and likely will happen.


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