Sunday, March 10, 2013

Zip Lining... Again!

Aidan LOVED zip lining last weekend.  He's a natural athlete and being the trees just gave him the perfect opportunity to not just be outdoors in nature, but to challenge himself in ways he hasn't done in quite some time.  He loved it so much last weekend that we told him if the weather was nice this weekend we would take both him and Liam to do it.

And that's what we did today.  The place where Aidan went last weekend for a birthday party also has courses for little kids Liam's age and for adults.  While Josh and I did not participate today, that doesn't mean we (ok, I mean Josh because let's be realistic, I'm NEVER doing this) won't in the future.  Today was about getting Liam started and letting both Josh and I focus on one kid at a time.

Well, Liam is now hooked too.  He loved it.  He had a bit of a problem with the carabiner - he could put it on each line, but he couldn't remove it.  So it was good that his course was quite a bit lower in altitude because I ended up helping him out quite a bit.  But he loved every single moment!!

I didn't get as many pictures of Aidan this time since Josh was with him and I was helping Liam, but I did get some along with a few videos of him doing the zip line.

Aidan's first zip line

Aidan's 2nd zip line

Aidan at the start of his first course

Aidan walking along the wire

Waiting at his next station

Getting ready to zip

Waving to daddy!

Aidan zip lining

Climbing the rock wall before his next obstacle

Those ropes look hard!!  But not for Aidan - he flies across them!

He's practically running!

The kid before Aidan took a good 10 mins to cross this log... it took Aidan about 20 seconds!

One happy kid!

Liam isn't quite as athletically skilled as his brother but he did surprisingly well and didn't fall a single time!  That alone was pretty impressive!  There were a few moments where he struggled (the rope wall being one) but he held on and persevered - and was successful!  Go Liam!!

We've already decided there will be a next time and when it happens, Josh will do the same course as Aidan so they can be together.  

Liam learning the ropes

And he's on his own!

I love this!!!!

It's hard but I've got it!

Awww, this is easy compared to that wire!

These are a little hard... 

At the end of the (zip) line...

Getting ready to zip!

More ropes

And a wooden log

This was his least favorite spot

Look at me!!

These are a little tricky!

Slightly defeated - must remember to push off harder!

And more logs

And one more wire

Liam's first zip line!!

Liam's 2nd zip line

Liam's 3rd zip line

Liam's 4th zip line

Liam's 5th zip line

After the boys did their 2 courses each of the ropes and zip lining, we were off to do a picnic lunch in the field nearby.  It was a great chance to just hang out together and for the boys to run off what little energy they had left after an invigorating morning.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday!


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