Monday, June 24, 2013

Another School Year Comes to an End

Last Friday, another school year came to an end - we now officially have a 1st and 4th grader in our house.  For both kids, I think this was a banner year - but then I feel like I say that every year.  They worked hard and it paid off.  I feel like they are both really coming into their own.  They built relationships; met new kids and said goodbye to friends, both new and old.  They are happy to see that summer is here with long days, no homework (ha, wait til they see the bridge books I bought!) and lots of time to play. And the best part - going home in August to visit our family and friends there.

Waiting for their final bus ride of the school year...

The downside of summer?  It's an exodus of people the moment school ends - the boys will have very few friends around in Barcelona this summer.  And so they are signed up for camp for the month of July.  Hopefully they will make some new friends while there as well.  Liam is doing the same art camp he did last year for all 4 weeks and Aidan will do 3 weeks of art camp but also a week of skateboarding camp which I think is very cool.  

But not only do their friends leave in the summer, but several are also moving as in previous years.  That is the tough part about going to international school - there is a lot of turnover.  The great thing is that we now have friends in different parts of the world with whom we hopefully will visit, starting this year in NYC.  Yes, I know it's not all that far from home, but the kids have never been and they both have friends that live there that they went to BFIS with and are looking forward to seeing this summer.  

Liam and his best bud Logan saying goodbye for the summer - til September!

To celebrate the end of the school year, I offered to take the kids for an ice cream lunch and then to see Monsters University.  We ended up bringing one of Aidan's friends and then meeting up with another of his friends, his mom and brother.  Lunch was at our favorite crepe and ice cream place - Creperie Bretonne in Vila Olimpica.  The kids all played at a playground before the movie and then again after.  Understandably exhausted, the kids were in bed shortly after we arrived back home on Friday night.  But it was a great end to the school year.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!!

Aidan and his best friend,  Max, as they walk to the metro for our ice cream lunch

Liam after his ice cream lunch - somehow Aidan ended up with a salad (I don't think he's really my kid).  All smiles!!!

Beyond our trip home to the US in August and camp, we will have Michelle visiting this summer as well as my college friend, Lori.  And the final week of August, we'll be heading as a family to explore Croatia - a trip we are really excited about!!  Before we know it, a new school year will be upon us - time flies when you are having fun!


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