Friday, August 16, 2013

Family First??

I wish I could say that the title is true.  Unfortunately when we come home to visit, I feel like our families get a bit of the shaft with our crazy schedule.  Every year I try to do better and not spread ourselves too thin and give more time to them.  And every year I feel like I fail miserably.  This year is no different.

Between keeping up with my friends and the kids' friends, I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day and yet, our family should be our priority.  It's always after I overschedule that I look back and think, "Why did I do this?  Why didn't I plan more time with our family?"  And our families being so wonderful, they are accepting and don't complain of lack of time with us - they don't make me feel guilty of how I've scheduled things despite the fact that it means they get less of us while we are home. And it breaks my heart to think that year after year I haven't learned my lesson and done things differently.

And while it took until almost to the end of this trip before I rectified any of this, I finally have recognized that I cannot do it all while we are here.  It just isn't possible to see everyone and to be able to have quality time with family as well.  So even though the changes I made in the last few days aren't huge, they are a start and hopefully in the future I'll be smarter and more thoughtful when it comes to my planning.

So while this entry will be short and sweet, I want a reminder to myself that next year, when I'm in the midst of crazy planning as I do each year, I will make sure to remember - family first...


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