Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year - Another School Year Begins

On Monday, September 2, the new school year started here in Barcelona.  I seriously don't know where the time has gone.  When we moved here, Aidan was only halfway thru kindergarten, now he's in 4th grade!  And Liam is in 1st!  What happened to my babies?  Josh and I were looking at pictures the other night of them as babies and part of me yearns for those days again and the other part loves how independent my boys are getting.  I'm so proud of them these days!

Both kids were excited to go back to school. I know that most likely we don't have many more years of that feeling!!  But they have both missed their friends whom they really haven't seen since the week after school ended - like us, most people pick up and go as soon as school gets out.  It's not like at home where the kids are, for the most part, home all summer (with the exception of a summer camp or maybe a short family holiday) - they aren't here ALL summer.  So they were super happy knowing that they were going to get to see their buddies again.

As with previous years, I took the school bus with them to school in order to get them situated in their classrooms.  Since I hadn't done pretty much any exercise for the month prior, I also figured I'd get some in and run back home from school (it's about 5k), hence the workout clothes.

We're ready to go to school!

The guy behind Liam (not a student) appears to be sleeping...nice.

Brotherly love as they wait for the bus

Aidan wanted a shot without Liam...

Aidan refused to do a picture where he turned around and waved, but Liam was all smiles!  Notice they take a luxury bus to school, not the big yellow school bus of the States.  They are going to be in for a rude awakening some day....

As expected the patio of school was packed with families.  But both kids managed to find 2 of their really good friends and we all hung out til it was time to go to their classrooms.  Aidan was a little more apprehensive about his class as his best friend wasn't going to be in the same class and he's a little wiser to the fact that 4th grade is going to be a little harder than 3rd grade while Liam is still a bit naive and just thinks it's one big party ;)  

Aidan with his friend Nicolau

Liam with his friend Arjun

Brothers ready to take on the world!

We got to Aidan's class first and his teacher is lovely.  She just seems so nice, energized, young and hip.  Everyone who has had her has said they loved her.  Hopefully it will be the same in our case.  She told Aidan to go read the board before he went to sit down.  He, of course, either didn't hear or didn't care and walked right past it ... so then I had to stage whisper to him to go back and read the board. But he seemed pretty content with being there and ready to take on the world!

Reading the board before he sits down

At his table which he said is all girls... interestingly out of the 23 kids in his class only 8 are boys (and same with the other 4th grade class)

We knew Liam's teacher before since she has a daughter in Aidan's class and we have some mutual friends.  With the 1st grade teacher that Aidan had out on maternity leave (and I had loved her), I was glad to know that Liam got a teacher that I knew something about and he seemed really happy to be in her class.  He walked right in, sat right down and didn't give me another look.  He's a social butterfly and loves to be in school so I think he'll be just fine!

Liam sat right down in the circle, ready to start his day!

Both kids got off the bus exhausted but overall happy with their days.  Aidan started off a rant though about how there are more rules in 4th grade than he'd ever had before.  After talking with another parent about this, it appears to be true - hopefully as a group we can help to change things back to the way they were.  Things like assigned seating at lunch even for the upper grades is just ridiculous.  They want to sit with whom they want to sit with - they aren't babies.  But overall, both kids were very happy with their teachers, their classmates and have a good, positive outlook for the school year to come.  And I, for one, can't wait to see how they progress this year.  I have no doubt they will work hard, play hard and have a great time!


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