Saturday, October 26, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

There is a song from 1970 called Signs.  It was re-released by Tesla in 1990 which made it famous.  As we were walking through Florence, I couldn't help but think of the song as we came across some most interesting signs.  What made them stand out even more to me is that I had seen a few of these back in Barcelona, some in fact, right on my street corner!!  I had been curious about them but thought there were just local pranksters playing a joke - but when I saw them in Florence I realized there was likely more to it than that.

Josh and I made it our mission to find as many different signs as we could during the trip.  And funny enough, as we walked back from searching for the restaurant for dinner our first night we came upon an art gallery with many of these signs inside.  And they also had some interesting wall art that Josh took a video of - warning, probably not for small children to view.


The woman at the desk didn't seem hot to chat about this phenomenon but I did get enough out of her that I found out that this had originated in Florence and could be found in such cities as Valencia, Amsterdam and Barcelona to name a few.  I did a little google search on the mastermind behind these unique signs who goes by the name of Clet and this is what I found:

It also turns out that the statue that I commented on in my Firenze blog - the one that looks like a guy about to commit suicide is also his.  And I apparently interpreted it incorrectly as you'll read in the link above.  

Regardless, Josh and I decided that these signs were unique enough that they deserved their own blog entry!  Enjoy!!


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  1. Thanks - I read about these before and then forgot to look for them. Must go and find some next time I am in Barcelona. By the way I wanted to add that you have very interesting post titles - I get drawn to these mysterious ones. And I forgot to say in my last comment - really sorry about the death of your dog. I too just lost my dog and it leaves such a hole in life. I hope your children don't have to deal with any more loss for some time to come. Kate