Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jodi Visits!

This post is a little delayed because of the kids birthday but I didn't want to forget to put it up!

I will never forget the first time I met my friend Jodi. We were at my friend Brenda's house and just realized our kids were on the same bus together. Now the boys' school is small and most parents take their kids to school, so it was unusual to find another parent who's kids were on the same bus. So I asked her "do your kids have any problems with a bully on the bus?"  And she said "no, but tell me the name and I will ask my kids if the know anything about it."  "Noah," I said. "I have a son Noah," she replied.

Insert foot into mouth here. I was mortified. Thankfully we all look back on this and laugh and a beautiful friendship was born that day. Oh and Aidan and Noah patched things up and just to clear the air, Aidan's definition (at that time) of a bully and what was actually happening were two different things. No bullying ever happened. 

In the ex-pat world, people come and go at a whirlwind speed and often after you've been run over a few times, you put up this barrier to those that are only here for just a short period of time. And yet, I didn't do that with Jodi. We just clicked. And so I've taken this lesson and whenever the kids have doubts about investing in a friendship with someone who is only here for a short period of time, I remind them of the great friends that we have all made that we will have for a lifetime and that many of them were only passing thru. 

Jodi has been back since they moved back to the States. But this visit was different because she was staying with me. With my life currently in limbo and the depression that had set in, the timing could not have been better for some quality girl time.

We had a great time.  With no itinerary per se, perfect walking weather and a good friend, it was just a mellow, easy time with her.  We walked for miles and miles.  She visited with some other friends while she was here and some of the times I joined her and others, I stayed here to get work done.  But it was easy.  It was relaxing.  And it was so great to have someone here taking my mind off of everything else. We walked around Barcelona on Sant Jordi, had meals with some mutual friends, ate dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant (and got to throw plates which is why we ended up doing it for Liam's birthday that next week), did quite a bit of shopping (I'm sure Josh didn't appreciate that part) and overall just enjoyed each other's company.

I'm so glad Jodi made the trip out here!  It was a great week and a half with her!  And I look forward to the next time we get to visit together (one of these days I'll have to make it out to Colorado!).

Plate smashing

Drinks at Hotel Casa Fuster

Dinner out with Jodi's friends Yolanda, Pep and Monica (not pictured)

Lunch at the Boqueria


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