Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Last Visitors in Barcelona - Kyle and Kelly Visit!

Over the last 4 1/2 years we've been blessed to have many visitors.  Friends and family alike have come to Barcelona to share in this experience with us.  Some have come once, some several times.  And each and every one of them we have cherished.  We know it's a long way to come, a lot of money for flights and precious vacation time used.  And it means the world to us that you have chosen to spend that time and money with us.

And so while we are opening a new chapter to our lives, and hope to have many more visitors come to see us in Amsterdam (a side note here, it's a DIRECT flight from Boston unlike coming to Barcelona... you know, if that entices you at all), we still had one more set of visitors to join us here for one last hurrah as we get ready to leave our home away from home.  Kyle and Kelly.

And their timing, in my mind, was just perfect.  With all the stress in our lives these days, what we needed, was a reminder of how precious our friendships back home are and how great it is to just sit back, relax and enjoy simple conversation with great friends.  Conversation about all walks of life, nothing is taboo with these friends.  To let the stress of our lives melt away for just few days so that we may enjoy and cherish this time.

The beauty of Kyle and Kelly is things are just so easy.  You don't feel like you are entertaining people, it's like being family.  We just hung out and enjoyed each other's company.  Josh, unfortunately only got to see them for 2 days and then had to head back to Amsterdam for an offsite leadership meeting. But the time we got was quality.  After they arrived on Saturday morning, we just relaxing in the sunshine on the roof, catching up over a lunch of freshly roasted chicken.  That night we headed out to Boca Grande for dinner, adults only, where the catching up continued.

Kelly and Kyle at Boca Grande

On Sunday we went to Sitges for the day.  On their last visit, we took them to Collioure but we missed Sitges, one of our favorite places outside of Barcelona, an easy 40 minute train ride away.  And while lunch was of an American faire (as Aidan begged and pleaded when he saw the restaurant had ribs) and the service was lacking, even for Spain, the view could not be better, nor the company.  The kids rode bikes and their heelies and we just wandered around town for the afternoon until it was time to take Josh to the airport.

Kyle, Liam, Aidan and Kelly

The true home of Bacardi

Monday was our last full day as this was a quick trip.  Since we didn't get to go to Sagrada Familia or Casa Battlo on the last trip, that's where we went while the kids were in school.  As it was a rainy day, it was perfect for doing indoor touristy things.  I can't believe we didn't bring them to these places on their last trip 3 years ago - so I'm especially glad they made the repeat visit as those are essential when visiting Barcelona.

Tuesday it was time to say hasta luego - see you soon.  Because in a matter of weeks we'll be home and seeing them again.  And we can't wait!


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