Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Trip to the ER

It was only a matter of time really.  Just when I thought we wouldn't need to go back to the ER ever again during our time in the Netherlands, we had a small emergency.  Everything is fine and nothing was ever life threatening and actually this happened a few weeks ago, I'm just late on posting.  I just had hoped that with Josh's knee we had already had our fair share of doctor's visits and the emergency room.  But no, I have boys so I can't expect that will ever actually be the case!

A few Fridays ago, at Aidan's request, we went to a skateboard park about 30 minutes away from school.  It's by a friend's house and he had hoped to meet him there.  It was pretty cold out so I walked them over to the park (the skateboard park was situated kind of in a median area between bi-directional roads) and then went to sit in the car where it was nice and warm but I could still see them.

However, since it was cold, I had the windows up and it was a minute before I realized that Aidan was screaming at me.  I immediately realized something was wrong.  I ran across the street and he was fairly close to hysterical (definitely my child).  I thought he might have broken a leg or something... but no, he was upset because he hurt his thumb.

Now I'm not saying that hurting your thumb can't be painful - potentially breaking any part of your body hurts!  I'm just saying for the hysteria, it was a bit much drama.  But regardless, I knew he was hurting and we called it a day for skateboarding (10 minutes after it had begun) and he asked me to take him to the doctor.  I felt horrible for minimizing his pain - bad mom moment there.  Aidan never ever asks to go to the doctor.  He hates going to the doctor. So for him to ask, he must be uncomfortable.

But again, he's dramatic and the entire way to the ER he had to have his window open because he was essentially hyper ventilating.  He kept telling me he was doing to die.  I reminded him that unless his thumb had been cut off and he was bleeding out, he was unlikely going to die from this injury. Regardless, he thought otherwise.

We got to the ER where the nurse blasted me for not going to our GP first since it was before 5PM (it was 4:50 just so you know) because it's more costly to go to the ER.  Yes, I get that.  But given it was another 15 minute drive to the GP from where we were, we weren't going to make it before they closed and odds were, they were going to send us to the ER for xrays (turns out he didn't need an xray - my bad) so I was just avoiding the middle man.

Long story short, Aidan was fairly hysterical (in a quiet way thankfully) in the hospital, even stating to me at one point "I'm sorry things have to end this way," because he truly thought he was going to die. From a possible broken thumb.  The doctor took a look and said that it was likely pulled ligaments and put him in a bandage for the following 48 hours.  A few weeks later, he's still saying it's a little sore here and there, but I think he's going to be just fine.  Now... the hope is no more ER visits for a long, long time!!!

My poor injured baby :(


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