Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunrises Over the Indian Ocean

I'm a morning person, always have been.  I try, though, not to be up at dawn.  But when you go to bed early, it's only natural to wake up early.  Not to mention the stifling heat is keeping me from getting a full night's sleep.  And... there is a very big Muslim population in the area and there is a call to prayer EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING at 4:45.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with it... just wish it was slightly later because 4:45 is mighty early!  As the rest of my family sleeps like the dead it hasn't seemed to bother them at all.  But since I'm up, I've been watching the sun rise.  It's an amazing phenomenon to see and every morning is so spectacular and so different, that I felt like my favorite pictures deserved their own entry.  So here are some of my favorites from the week...

There are hundreds of these little crabs on the beach every morning

Once I found this tree, it became my favorite picture taking spot each morning...

Locals bicycling

One morning all the crabs seemed to be fighting... not sure what the reason was for this - mating season, full moon???

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them (despite the early hour!)!!


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