Saturday, May 4, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños Liam! Liam Turns 6!

Wow, another year has flown by!!  Every day I look at my children in awe of how much they have grown and changed over the years.  And today, our baby turns 6!  Six???  How is that possible that the BABY can be 6?
Liam going to be 5 and excited to wake up on May 2 as a big 6 year old!

And he was beyond super excited about turning 6.  For some reason this was a big number for him.  He's no longer a little kid, but a big kid.  He's old enough to count down the days.  He knew his birthday was on a Thursday so he's got the days of the week down for sure.  This morning, his brother went into wake him up (mainly because he wanted to see him open a few gifts before school), he could barely contain his excitement, running up to Josh and I and enveloping us in the biggest, sweetest hugs we could ever imagine and telling us he's now 6!

Liam got to open a few presents before school on Thursday - some Spiderman legos and a Skylander or two....

Inspecting his present

So far, I like 6.  I think Liam does too.  This morning, he told me he was going to get dressed without being asked because that is what a 6 year old does.  What are the odds that he will continue to do that???  Probably slim but I'm going to take advantage of it while he will do it :)

Liam and his best buddy Jake sharing a hug to celebrate

A little brotherly birthday love at the bus stop

But don't get me wrong, 5 was a great year for Liam.  Sure, it seems to be the year where we have begun the whining stage (thankfully I have seen that this stage will actually end at some point).  But it was also a year where Liam became more independent.  While he's not totally keen on doing everything by himself like his brother does, he became more independent than he had been in the past - he learned to get dressed, he finally got out of pull ups at night (that was on his birthday last year so I guess that's considered year 5, right?), he helps out around the house and he has learned to better communicate like a child and not a little boy.

His passions this year... Ninjago all the way.  He loves Ninjago.  Wants to be a ninja someday.  He also wants to be "the greatest chef in the world" which has now become "a ninja chef".  Well, hey, at least he'll have a unique niche in which to protect and yet feed the world.  He loves to cook with me these days.  I'm not a great cook nor do I really enjoy it but with him it's fun and it means extra one on one time that I normally wouldn't get since I have to cook anyways.

He also loves his superheroes.  Whether the Super Hero Squad, the Justice League or Spiderman - he loves them all.  And he knows them all.  That amazes me these days, his ability to recollect information and to regurgitate it.  He knows all his Pokemon characters and can tell you how they evolve.  I'm sure this is in part to having an older brother, but I'm in awe of his ability to do this.  He does the same with his Skylanders (also a more recent obsession).

I brought cupcakes to school today for his and he was super excited about being able to share them with his friends.  He did, however, remind me that I forgot to bring the candle to blow out.  Bad mom!!

Liam in class

Everyone eating their cupcakes - yum!!

Liam celebrating at school

Josh made it home early for present opening and dinner with the boys.  It was nice to have him with us for the evening as he usually doesn't get home til the boys go to bed.  I think Liam opened his gifts in about 2.3 seconds.  What were the gifts that made the biggest impact?  Skylanders, of course - JetVac being the ULTIMATE gift (and he also got the Legendary JetVac which only added to the excitement - not just one, but two JetVacs!!)!  He also got some Iron Man toys, Ben 10, Cars, Legos (Spiderman and Star Wars) and some Transformers.  I think overall he was pretty happy with the gifts.  His grandparents all sent him gifts cards for Amazon UK which he is excited to redeem for exactly the things he wants - so that will be a lot of fun!!

Wearing his birthday "crown" from school and doing a bit of a happy dance because he can open his presents!

What's in there???


And Star Wars!

I have actually never seen a child so excited about books but he proceeded 
to do a dance after getting them!

We had Liam's favorite Lemon Chocolate Chip cake for dessert.  It wasn't the prettiest cake but it tasted delicious (must work on my presentation skills).  He had wanted that for cupcakes for school but somehow I didn't think that many 5/6 year olds would like lemon cake.  But we thoroughly enjoyed it here at home :)

Big boy blowing out the candles!

We're looking forward to see what 6 brings for Liam.  I have at least some vague idea from a development standpoint since he's the younger brother but given the two of them are such polar opposites, I'm just curious about the kid he's becoming and each year he continues to amaze me in the things he says and does.

No matter what this year brings for Liam, one thing is for sure, I still have my little snuggle bug who loves to snuggle with his mommy every night before bed, cuddle on the couch while watching tv and who tells me he loves me... "more EVERYDAY" as he says it.  He may grow up, but he'll always be my baby.


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