Thursday, May 23, 2013

X-Games Comes to Barcelona

This was the first year the X-Games made an appearance in Barcelona and it seems that it was well received.  We saw banners all over the city for weeks and thought this might be something fun the kids would enjoy watching.  With a long weekend this weekend and no specific plans, we decided to check out tickets.

Based on the schedule of events (some events didn't start til 9PM), we offered the kids either BMX biking or skateboarding.  They chose the latter.  And we were super excited about sharing this with them - live!  It's one thing to YouTube extreme skateboarding and other events, but to see it live is, as you know, a totally different experience.

Knowing there might be a lot of traffic and problems with parking, we opted to take public transportation over to Montjuic.  Of course, this meant leaving the house 2 hours before our Park Skateboard Finals started - because, you know, it takes barely an hour to get there but we still had to get to the top, find out where exactly our event was being held, and potentially stand in a long line to get in.

But the Games weren't as big as I thought they would be.  Yes, there were a lot of people there, but with events spread out during the day and other things happening, there weren't long queues of people getting in.  So we went right in and just walked around for a bit, got a hot dog and then headed over to the Skateboard Park where the contestants were warming up.

Heading into the Games

Me and my pumpkin pie ready to watch some skateboarding!

An attempt at them posing together... fail

Apparently Liam thinks we are going to see boxing and not skateboarding ;)

The kids LOVED watching the skateboarders warming up.  Aidan was especially surprised to see how young some of the competitors were with one kid as young as 13 that made it to the finals.  Yes, only 4 years older than Aidan.  That kind of blew my mind.  And he was incredible!!  Prodigies come in all types - sports, academics, etc.  This kid was amazing!

13 year old phenom

Excited to be at the X Games!

Making "some noise!"

The competitors

Some videos we took of the X Games

This is some of the competitors.  I don't remember if they said "yea haw" in this video or not but the commentators were constantly saying it.  Not sure if they thought it was an American thing or not?????  It got annoying though - even Aidan agreed.

By the time the actual competition started, I could see the kids were losing their interest quick.  There are only so many stunts you can watch in the course of 2 hours before being ready to move on.  But they did it and they made it to the end.   They even learned to do the wave - how is it that they've never done the wave before?

As we were getting ready to leave we saw some guys that we were guessing were sponsored by Red Bull start to do an impromptu show out in the pedestrian area - so we watched them for a little bit.  Sadly, I think the kids were more impressed with this than the skateboarding but they enjoyed both regardless.

Some videos of the bike stunts:

They had a great time and we made it out of there just as the skies opened up to (more) rain!  But a fun and totally different day than our usual weekend escapades :)


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